Pakistanis are among those nations that love the digital display screens in their cars. I have seen display dashboard units even in cars like Suzuki Mehran. These screens are also among the one of the most purchased accessories for any car. That all shows the enthusiasm our countrymen have with in-dash screens.

If you love to have large head up displays, CES 2019 has a treat for you. Byton, an electric vehicle startup, has introduced 48 inches car display screen. The screen is so massive that it hides almost all of the dashboard.

No doubt that we are living in a world crazy about different types of display. LG rollable TV, 219-inch Samsung TV and a trend to give complete bezel-less smartphones are examples of tech enthusiasm. But who have thought that this thing will also translate into our cars?

Lately, almost all of the auto manufacturers are working to provide an insane size of display and controls in the cabin. Some are calling it a cockpit while others are referring to them as assistants. In CES 2019, we have even seen a manufacturer coming up with a system which senses your mood and control your car cabin accordingly.

Car display screen is one of the fastest growing global trend. According to Brian Rhodes, Connected Car Research Lead at IHS Markit, the average size of display screens in cars in 2018 was around 7.7 inches and almost 6.3 million cars in the world have such type of displays.

We have already seen 17-inch LCD display units in Tesla Model S. However, having 48 inches display is just mesmerizing.

Via: The Star Online