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They are not just ordinary smartphones, the Huawei P9 and P9 Plus are surely the flagship addition from the Chinese manufacturer which is consistently closing the gap with Samsung and Apple by bringing one after another some well-crafted smartphones into the market. Both the smartphones have many things common except for few upgrades that make the P9 Plus elder brother.


The design of the new Huawei P9 is not much different from predecessor P8 apart from little less angular this time and merely thicker (0.55mm) which can be termed almost equal. The front of P9 carries an edge-to-edge display of 5.2 inch IPS panel with a full HD resolution of (1920×1080) whereas the big one, P9 Plus, boasts 5.5 inch Super AMOLED display. Back of P9 and P9 Plus is the area where Huawei has added more spices. The aluminum made rear holds the fingerprint scanner which it seems to have adopted from recently launched Mate 8 and a pair of 12 megapixels lenses, one of which uses the color sensor and other deals with the Black and White sensor.

Huawei P9 Plus back side view
Image: androidheadlines

Dual Camera

We have seen dual camera arrangement earlier in smartphones for handling 3D snaps but these are different in few aspects, the important ones from the photography point of view. Frankly speaking, they have been designed this way for becoming the selling point for Huawei P9 and P9 Plus. Huawei says this arrangement of twin camera is better for absorbing 300% more light hence producing more detailed and sharp photos which are 50% higher in contrast even under low light conditions. The black and white camera doesn’t need RGB filter and it masters in B&W images which should look crisper and natural. So the primary job is to help color sensor in producing more detailed images. For best closeup shots, P9 has laser focus and two-tone flash works like magic. For P9, Huawei partnered with Leica – a German camera company that endorses the cameras on P9 which should be enough to understand for now that photography is what P9 is best at. Read More: Huawei P9 offers remarkable camera no other smartphones

Battery & Processing

The P9 is also an upgrade in the battery. The smaller sibling has a 3000mAh battery inside but bigger brother P9 Plus with 3400mAh has more juice to take care of 5.5-inch display. By the book, they should be able to accompany you for at least one and half day considering the power saving mode that Huawei has already introduced in its earlier models, should also be part of the package. Another interesting area is the processing of the phone which Huawei P9 does with its own manufactured Kirin 955 Octa-core chipset — four 2.5GHz and four 1.8GHz cores — powered by 3GB RAM 32GB memory for P9 and 4GB RAM and 64GB memory for P9 Plus. Both of them can take advantage of 128GB extended memory. This mammoth arrangement certainly hints towards a more brisk handling of Android’s latest Marshmallow, which P9 houses on the top of hardware. It would be interesting to witness how Huawei market both the flagships this time in Pakistan. Already Mate 8 is doing well in the country which is very encouraging for the local Huawei team which has swelled recently by with the addition of third selling partner – Advance Telecom. Huawei Pakistan team is currently visiting London for the launch event. Below are their happy moments.

Fraz Khan at Huwaei P9 launch event
Fraz Khan, Wiqar Ali Khan and others at the P9 launch event in London

Fraz Khan, Wiqar Ali Khan and others at Huawei P9 launch Muazzam Paracha at the Huawei P9 launch event

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