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After buying an iPhone, the next thing people mostly do is to find a protective casing for shielding the phone from the scratches. There is a number of iPhone cases available on the market, but not all of them are good enough to protect your iPhone the way you want. An iPhone is an expensive device, and it is very important to protect its body in order to keep it new.

If you are tired of searching for the new iPhone cases, then don’t worry, because we have gathered some of the best iPhone cases for you. In this article, you will read about the best soft and thin iPhone cases, which are available in Pakistan for a very low price.

G-CASE Ultra Thin Electroplated Back Case for iPhone 7

G-CASE Ultra Thin is a back case for iPhone 7, and it is made up of advanced material, which is highly flexible and feels very soft and comfortable. It comes with a shiny design with a camera hole and four-sided protection for your iPhone. The casing is available on Kaymu for the price of just PKR 745.

CaseMe Leather Flip Case for iPhone 7 Plus

CaseMe Leather Flip is a protective casing for your iPhone 7 Plus. It comes with a luxurious artificial leather and flip case design, which perfectly matches your style. This fashionable casing offers great protection to your phone when it falls. It is available on Daraz for the price of just PKR 999.

Manhattan iPhone 5 Case

Manhattan iPhone 5 case protects your device from everyday scratches, dust, and bumps. It is very strong, made up of low-profile polycarbonate shell to keep your iPhone safe even when it falls on the floor. You can get this casing from Symbios for the price of PKR 1,199 only.

Urberry iPhone 7 Case (one of the best iPhone cases)

Urberry iPhone 7 Case comes with the glittering cover and sparkling heart icons all over it, which look lovely. The casing comes with the creative design and protects your smartphone from all kinds of scratches. You can purchase the Urberry iPhone 7 Case from ShoppingBag for the price of just PKR 2,203.

Pink Case for iPhone 6s

This unique and durable casing for iPhone 6s protects the device from dust, scratches, and other harmful things. This casing comes in pink color and it has a hole for the camera. You can get it from Yayvo for the cost of just PKR 1,050.

image source: CNET.

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