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Blogging and freelancing are now a big industry, either separately or interconnected to each other. Many individuals are making a good fortune out of this industry and inviting others to explore the realms of content writing and blogging for which a word processing tool is a pre-requisite.

MS Word is undoubtedly one of the best word processors out there with features such as wide font support and high-quality templates but it is also expensive even with a yearly Office365 subscription. There are a lot of free software out there ranging from light editing apps to fully featured word processors.

We have listed below five such word processor that are free to use and have a host of impressive features.

WPS Office Writer

The WPS is arguably the best alternative to the MS Word with a smart interface, integrated cloud storage and mobile apps on both iOS and Android that let you edit documents on the go. The user-friendly interface is almost similar to Microsoft Word’s 2007 edition.

A differentiating factor of the WPS is it gives you an option work multiple tabs at a time. Also, it lets you save your documents in the .docx format or any of the formats out there.

LibreOffice Writer

The LibreOffice Writer is compatible with the MS Word formats as well but is more similar to the version of Word released before 2007. This tool can export and integrate spreadsheets and graphs from its other tools.

The best part about the LibreOffice is that it has an active developer community which is constantly tweaking with the software; that means hundreds of templates at your disposal. The LibreOffice lacks cloud support but you can always save documents using the Dropbox or OneDrive.

Apache OpenOffice Writer

The Apache is pretty similar to the WPS and is compatible with MS formats with an ability to work with spreadsheet, database and presentation applications. Apache’s interface is similar to that of the classic MS Word versions however it has fewer templates.

The Apache updates itself only twice a year which means issues like bugs will not be sorted immediately.

SoftMaker FreeOffice TextMaker

This word processing tool has a less cluttered interface and a satisfactory amount of templates. The SoftMaker’s drawback is that it is not compatible with the MS Word formats.


AbiWord is the last to make our list for alternatives to MS Word. It can support your everyday needs for writing and editing and has an excellent format support. The AbiWord has all the basic templates but is targeted for Linus users which means lesser Windows updates.

AbiCollab is an interesting feature which lets multiple users work on the same sheet much like the Google Docs.

The government in collaboration with the PITB have launched an e-rozgar program targeted at fresh graduates which encourages students to earn through freelancing, and these tools can surely come in handy while doing just that.

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