5 Important Health Benefits of Fasting in Ramadan


Spiritual Month of Ramadan has just begun, giving you an opportunity to nourish your bodily health. According to some researchers, lack of food and water can make a person sluggish and lethargic but during the month of Ramadan, Muslims all around the world go through a change in their eating and other regular habits. Do these habits lead you towards starvation or bring you health and a promise of well-being? Let’s figure out!

Here is a list of 5 most important health benefits of fasting in Ramadan:

Burn fat in a healthy way

Starving is not recommended by anyone but not intaking food for a month? How does it keep you healthy in Ramadan? There are studies that support the importance of fasting for a number of hours, which improves your metabolism, consuming only 25% of calories on the daily basis which gradually helps in losing weight to 5.5 pounds. Additionally, removes excessive amounts of cholesterol, burning 3% of total body fat.

Periodic fasting in Ramadan helps the body to break down fat cells instead of sugars to synthesize energy ultimately hitting low body fat figures. Even athletes go through fasting to achieve healthy low-fat bodies to give their competitors a tough hand.

Regulates Insulin levels

Insulin sensitivity is one of the crucial elements of fasting which regulates the levels of carbohydrates and sugars in your body keeping you away from chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, and cardiac disorders.

Fasting supports the content of insulin sensitivity which regulates the level of insulin preventing one from the danger of any aforementioned disease.

Also, insulin becomes much effective in orienting the carrier cells to carry glucose from the blood stream.

It helps in building strong muscles as well, with the increased amount of growth hormones.

Keeps your skin healthy

Detoxification (purification from impurities and toxins from the blood stream) is one of the best health benefits of fasting which leads to a glowing skin clearing it from acne blitz by managing the functioning of vital organs like, liver, kidney, and glands.

Brings power to your brain

It is proven that fasting refreshes all the systems of the body and re-regulates them in a healthy manner. While the stuck in the rut brain also benefits from the luxuries of fasting.

Fasting rejuvenates the development of a protein known as brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) which boosts the functioning of brain stem cells converting them into neuron which catalyzes the formation of other significant chemicals for the brain fitness.

Additionally, BDNF prevents the fast keepers from notorious diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.


A fast keeper becomes a skeptical observer of practices of piousness and humbleness in the sacred month of Ramadan becoming more intuitive and closer to the mysteries of the world leading towards the realization of known and unknown in him/her.

While you eat less, your stomach has more energy stored which makes you feel attentive both mentally and physically, assisting you to self- actualize yourself and the blessing you are blessed with.

The holy month of Ramadan is a whole package of your spiritual and bodily health, so take advantage of the bestowing Allah has granted you with.

You can take guidance from numerous apps that promises only the best conditions to keep up with the regularities of your eating and sleeping routines in Ramadan.

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