You cannot be a real Pakistani unless you’ve uttered the words #LoJeeLutGaye more than once in your lifetime.

Yes, I am sure many of us have experienced the good old fashioned mugging but there are many other small events in life that make us want to leave the planet Earth and quit believing in justice.

Don’t believe us? Let’s see some of the most common moments in the life of Pakistanis that make us want to shout #LoJeeLutGaye.

When a Smartphone dealer tricks you into paying more

We all have that someone special in our relatives or friends who is good at identifying the real rate/price of a smartphone and can get us a good deal. But the real problem arises when in their absence you have to complete this task yourself.

Sometimes customers get taken advantage of and end up paying insane prices for a not so expensive smartphone, only to be left broken-hearted after a few hours like this guy in the video below:

When the Medium sized fries are not big enough

There is no better feeling than ordering in a good fast food meal to feast the late night cravings but most of the times we are left with the horror of staring at the small bucket of fries when you most clearly asked for a medium one.

When you get half of the amount after recharging your SIM card

Telecom taxes play a major part in our suffering as the company takes away around 30% of our amount to hand it over to the government. For the rest, it is either deducted against any service we once used (loan) with some pretty nasty extra charges that make us want to go back to the art of letter writing.

When you see the expensive lawn collection you bought last week now on sale

There is no worse feeling than finding out that the expensive lawn collection you bought last week is now available on sale for half the price. A person immediately starts thinking about all the other stuff he/she could’ve purchased if only they would’ve waited a few more days.

Then there are instances when you end up buying an old stock from a shop due to a great salesman who successfully sells you the old stock by claiming it to be brand new, like this guy in the below video:

When your Tailor uses the wrong measurements

Have you ever been excited about a dress only to find out that your tailor went overboard and completely ignored the measurements you gave him/her and you have to pay them anyway?

Trust me, this situation is worse than any nightmare that you could think of. Not only are you unable to wear that dress, but you also have to pay a decent amount of money for it and you end up being ripped off in the whole process as well.’s upcoming Black Friday Sale means there won’t be another heartbreaking moment that makes you say #LoJeeLutGaye because offers:

Yayvo Lo Jee Lut Gaye

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