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After the launch of the startup incubators like Plan9, SEED, The Nest i/o etc, the young generation of Pakistan is taking a keen interest in starting their own businesses. These startups are not only making our country a technologically advanced nation but they also making their names in the international media and gaining the attention of leading Internet firms like Google

The following five Pakistani startups can be cited as front-runner in the race of popularity and wider adoption by the masses. 


Healthwire Pakistani StartupsAs the name suggests, Healthwire is a health-focused startup that helps its users in finding the doctors easily. This online service is currently available only in Lahore and it was founded by Hamza Iqbal and Harris Durrani.

In order to use Healthwire, simply visit their website. On the homepage, you will see a search bar, where you can type your area name and select the specialty. Then, hit the search button and the website will show you a list of doctors in the specified area. Moreover, you can also call Healthwire’s helpline to find the doctors.

Auto Genie

auto-genie Pakistani StartupsAuto Genie (one of the best Pakistani startups) is an online car maintenance network that provides periodic maintenance and value-added services for your car at your doorstep through easy online bookings. You can easily book an appointment with them by visiting their website and choosing the desired service and selecting the date, time and location.

You can also call their helpline in case you don’t have an Internet connectivity available.


payload Pakistani StartupsPayLoad, which claims to be the fastest, and safest payment solution in the world, is designed by a recent graduate of the Lahore School of Economics, Muhammad Amin. Presently, it is one of the most popular Pakistani startups.

It is an online service that uses Bitcoin technology as the payment method. Bitcoin is a kind of computerized currency used to verify and transfer the funds. PayLoad was incubated at Plan9. You can start using PayLoad by visiting their website and signing up by filling an easy form.


Edutative Pakistani StartupsEdutative is a social website that smartly assists Pakistani students in easily getting the admissions, scholarships, internships and other opportunities. You can search by entering the subjects on their website and it will show you the list of universities with the fee and other details.

The startup provides the reviews of a number of Pakistani universities and helps the students in interacting with each other so that they can discuss the courses, subjects and other information about the educational institutions.

Beauty Hooked:

beauty-hooked Pakistani StartupsBeauty Hooked is a new Lahore-based service that helps you in finding the best salons and beauty parlors and allows you to easily book an appointment at your nearest salon. Other than this, you can also avail exclusive discounts on the salons if you use Beauty Hooked for booking the appointments.

Moreover, if you own a beauty salon, you can list your business on their website and attract more clients to your parlor by simply filling and submitting an online form. You can visit their website by clicking here.

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