Samsung Galaxy S8 Issues

The newly launched Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are two gorgeous phones and with the introduction of the infinite display, Samsung has truly unboxed our phones. The disappearance of the home button and the Samsung logo from the front the phone becomes even more appealing but still, there are places where Samsung fell short of expectations.

In addition to the delay of Bixby vocal metrics users around the world have been reporting several issues. Here’s a guide on how to fix them.

Red Tint

Galaxy S8 users have reported a suspicious red tint on their screens and Samsung is reportedly working on a software update to fix it. Until then go into Display settings, select color balance and fix the tint to make the display better. It most probably is a software glitch but if the problem persists, you will have no choice but to claim warranty.

Auto-Rotate Not Working

Another frustrating and a rather uncommon problem is the auto-rotate feature not working. This may have been caused by a third party app. To fix this problem try rebooting your device in Safe Mode. To turn on safe mode, turn off and then turn your device back on. Then press and hold the volume down button until a Safe Mode button shows up. Tap that button to boot device in Safe Mode.

If this doesn’t work try uninstalling any apps you installed before the issue started. The problem might also be due to an issue with the accelerometer or G-sensor settings. If nothing works, download an app, such as the GPS & Status Toolbox that lets you auto-rotate your screen manually.

Delayed Push Notifications

If you’re observing a delay in your push notifications this might be because of the battery saving features that come installed in the Galaxy S8 or Android Nougat.

Go to Settings>Special Access>Optimize Battery Usage and select Change To. Add the apps of which you want to get notifications without delay.

Bixby’s Limited Functionality

If you think your device’s Bixby is not working as you read in the news then we hate to break it to you that the full release of Bixby has been delayed until Spring. You will be able to use the Bixby for limited use but as far the vocal metrics are concerned you’ll have to wait.

Facial Recognition

Several videos have appeared on YouTube and other social media sites, showing how easily the face recognition can be tricked with a photo of you. The viral videos show a user unlocking his phone by holding the photo of himself inside another Galaxy S8. Samsung says the update might fix the issue with a software update.


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