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A mobile phone was invented as a communication essential. The invention however, has come a long way especially in the past twenty years. Smart phones, the next generation of mobile phones are easily the most intelligent invention of the 21st century. 

A smartphone basically is a reflection of its owner. From storing contacts, pictures and personal documents to making financial transactions, a smart phone has it all. 

It is a beneficial luxury and its use is growing rapidly. More than 50% of the internet traffic in 2018 came through smartphones.  Pakistan is a developing country but its smartphone user population is growing more rapidly than ever.

According to a report by Statista penetration rate of smartphones is expected to go from 10% to 50% in Pakistan over the years 2014-2021. PTA estimates over 60.2 million mobile broadband users in the country, which constitutes 40 percent of the total cellular services users.

Rising rates of smartphones are good news but not entirely. On one side, this shows wider penetration of the smartphones in society but on the other hand, also indicates a growing problem of gadgets addiction.

People spend an average of four hours a day on their smartphones and unfortunately, it is destroying their health.

Here are five ways your smartphone is ruining your health.

1. Distraction

Despite all the utility, smartphones are a distraction. People usually are so addicted to their smartphones that they are unable to focus on anything else. Sometimes this distraction can become fatal.

One common mistake that people make is using their smartphones while driving. Driving is a cognitive task that requires the focus of all the senses. When a person is just talking on their phone with their eyes on the road, the chance of an accident is enhanced. Texting is even more dangerous. Thus smartphones should be avoided at all costs while driving else you will be putting your life in danger.

2. Mood Swings

Smartphones can give one rapid mood swings. The reason behind it is the content that one accesses on their smartphones. Social media apps are the most used by smartphone users. These apps are the communication hubs of the modern age as they connect millions of people.

This means that these apps also have content from all around the world.  Some of the content puts unrealistic ideals in a person’s head which make reality seem uncomfortable.

Every now and then people stumble upon content that make them feel inadequate. They may see other people who have more money, beauty or loved ones than them and feel inferior. As a result, people who are always on their phones are susceptible to mood swings.

Mood swings are not only uncomfortable for the sufferer; they make people around them uneasy too. So, it is important to be conscious of your smartphone usage.

3. Eye problems

Experts believe that unrestricted use of smartphones can negatively affect eyesight. Looking at a bright screen with no breaks can create issues like headaches, blurred vision, and dry eyes. The glare of the screen can also alter the angle of the eyes and thus create permanent damage to the vision.

4. Diet

As mentioned earlier, smartphones are basically a distraction. This distraction can be so prominent that it can even alter one’s eating patterns without them knowing. It is important to be conscious of what and how much one is eating to stay healthy.

Using smartphones while eating can take the focus away from food. As a result, people end up eating a lot or very less. It is thus crucial that smartphones be put away while eating.

5. Sleep problems

Smartphones also disrupt sleeping patterns. Psychologists all over the world suggest that any tech related device should not be used before sleeping. Research has proven that the glare of a screen is linked to insomnia. Lack of sleep can be dangerous as it is the root cause of a number of diseases such as diabetes and obesity.

Ideally, self-control and disciplined usage can help avoid any such addiction. However, if you face social media or gadgets addiction, we recommend you to find a psychologist nearby and seek treatment. By using services like oladoc.com, you can find a number of expert psychologist across major cities of Pakistan.

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