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Apple has finally given the world iPhone X, the company’s 10th-anniversary smartphone on Tuesday. Yes, we pretty much knew everything about the new device but I guess seeing truly is believing.

iPhone X is the company’s most exciting and expensive smartphone so far but here today we have shortlisted 6 best features that will blow many smartphone users away:


iPhone X design

The iPhone X features a combination of glass and stainless steel, beautifully crafted to give an amazing look while sitting comfortably in the user’s hand. Talking about the smartphone’s looks, have you seen the Super Retina Display on the device? Quite spectacular, right?

iPhone X is the company’s first device with an OLED panel and its True Tone meaning that the screen will adjust its temperature based on the lighting you’re in at any given time.

A11 Bionic Chipset

iPhone X chipset

If you’re with us so far, get ready to jump from your seats as the recent benchmark scores on GeekBench reveal that iPhone X is one monstrous device as it shows a single-core score of 4061 and a multi-core score of 9959.

iPhone X GeekBench
GeekBench Score

The iPhone X has a 3GB RAM coupled with the Hexa-core processor with the A11 Bionic chipset that will guarantee that your smartphone will work without any interruptions.


iPhone X camera

The iPhone lovers will adore the new camera as it features Dual lens camera system with dual optical stabilization. Yes the iPhone X still has the dual 12MP lens but now it’s riddled with tons of new enhancements that will reduce noise and improve color reproduction.

Portrait Lighting

iPhone X Portrait

While many of the flagship devices offer a portrait mode, Apple has moved a step further to introduce Portrait Lightening. This new feature which can separate the user from the background but with an added twist of AI that can examine the contours of the user’s face and light them up to provide a flattering image.

Face ID

iPhone X Face ID

Touch ID what? Apple has ditched its traditional home button and the fingerprint scanner to make a place for the all-screen display that can be unlocked via Face ID.

The enhanced facial recognition feature makes use of Apple’s True Depth camera system that uses eight different cameras and sensors that can detect the owner’s face.

The best thing about this phone is that it can recognize you even if you’re wearing glasses, have changed your hair or look or are using the phone in a low light.

Wireless Charging

iPhone X wireless charging

Finally, Apple has introduced wireless charging in its new device. The new iPhone X supports Qi wireless charging meaning it’s compatible with the already available equipment.

Further more, the company has also introduced its very own charging mat that can charge iPhone X, Apple Watch, and Airpods just the same.

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