The 6 Best Restaurants of 2018 in Lahore

If you’re wondering which restaurants to try in the upcoming year – 2019 – well here’s a list of the best restaurants, according to us, of 2018! This list includes Japanese, Italian, Pan Asian, and even Desi cuisine restaurants! Let’s see our findings.

1. Sumo

Sushi at Sumo
Sushi at Sumo

Their ambiance may slightly be disturbing because personally, I feel like the seating is too much as compared to the size of the place. However, if you want something similar to the food of Fujiyama but at a lower price, then I’d suggest you go to Sumo. It’d cost you about Rs. 2500 per head here.

Their sushi, of course, is great as well because you’ll again get a whole variety you can choose from!

As for the food, I’d personally suggest you try their Red Snapper and Chicken Teppanyaki.

Sumo is located on the floor above of Mandarin Kitchen, in Defence Z Block.

2. Café Aylanto

Cafe Aylanto Chicken Mushroom
Cafe Aylanto Chicken Mushroom

Café Aylanto is definitely one of my favorite places in Lahore to have lunch at, and even have dinner at! Since it is located on MM Alam Road, it’s quite easily reachable for most people whenever they want to have a fancy lunch date with friends or family.

Aylanto is a fancy Italian dine-in restaurant, with a great
ambiance. This place is probably my favorite for its fantastic atmosphere – quiet atmosphere, amazing interior, and even better service!

And the food is remarkable. Café Aylanto also has an outdoor courtyard you can have food at. It’s a nice place to have lunch at especially during the winters! However, under 18 children are not allowed access to the whole restaurant so keep that in mind when you go to dine in there!

I’d suggest you have their Fettuccine Pasta in Prawns, their beef steak, and Parmesan Chicken. It will cost you about Rs. 2,000 to dine in at Cafe Aylanto.

3. Scafe

Prawn Cannelloni at Scafe
Prawn Cannelloni at Scafe

Scafe is an exquisite fine-dining experience. Its an extension of the famously known SCAFA – that offers Lahore a 7-course meal similar to that of AMU Lahore.

Scafe is located on MM Alam Road as well. As compared to the other restaurants, this one has a rather particular menu. It offers you a handful of starters, a few main courses, and desserts alike. However, everything I have tried off the menu has tasted great in its way. Scafe is slightly expensive, and if you want to order starters, the main course, and a dessert, be prepared to pay around Rs. 3500 to Rs. 4000 for your meal.

I would suggest you try their Teriyaki Chicken and their Coulant from the desserts section. It’s almost like a lava cake, and one of the best in Lahore!

4. Spice Bazaar

Spice Bazaar Food
Spice Bazaar Food

If you want to rid yourself of the international cuisines, then Spice Bazaar is the place you’re looking for! This restaurant offers you an authentic Desi cuisine restaurant! It gives you an extremely traditional feeling once you walk into the restaurant, so the ambiance is a win. And the food is matchless! I feel like good Desi food restaurants are really less in the city, and Spice Bazaar has to be the best. So if you’re craving that “masalaydar tikkay, you better come here!

It’ll cost you around Rs. 1500 to dine in here. Their BBQ is definitely my favorite, so I’d suggest you try it!

5. Fuchsia Kitchen

Chicken Gyoza Fuchsia Kitchen-2
Chicken Gyoza Fuchsia Kitchen

Fuchsia Kitchen opened up in the second half of 2017 as far as I can remember, and has been a big hit amongst Lahoris in 2018. I love going to Fuchsia as well.

As rumor has it, this restaurant is owned by the same people who own Cafe Aylanto as well. Well, I must say, a job well done to them! They offer Lahore the most excellent Italian and Pan Asian cuisine with the best ambiance in restaurants as well.

Fuchsia Kitchen does justice to its name, literally! Its interior is full of Fuchsia hues and colors.

Apart from that, the food is just amazing. There’s a whole menu you can choose from; with so many options you’ll be left confused with what to order! Remember one thing though, the servings here are too much for one person. So for every 3 people, you must order 2 dishes.

I’d suggest you order their Sticky Beef, Red Snapper with Hoisner Sauce, and Cashew Nuts Chicken. It’ll cost you about Rs. 1800 to dine in at Fuchsia.

6. Urban Kitchen

Food at Urban Kitchen
Food at Urban Kitchen

Urban Kitchen is a beautiful restaurant, located next to Scafe on MM Alam Road as well.

I love this restaurant because of its ambiance, it has an entire restaurant wall made of transparent glass. During the afternoons, sunlight lights up the whole restaurant, and during the evening, fairy lights outside give it an overall different look.

But apart from that, the food is just great too. I have dined in at Urban Kitchen several times over the year, and I have to say, I have not been disappointed even once!

I’d suggest you try their Mozzarella Balls for appetizers. For the main course, try their Parmesan Chicken and Cordon Bleu.

It’ll cost you about Rs. 1600 to dine in here.

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