6 GB RAM is useless, its only a marketing gimmickry: Huawei Chief

Huawei 6GB RAM a marketing gimmik

Major Smartphone companies like Huawei, Samsung, Apple and more, are and have always been in an ongoing competition to provide the best and highest specifications. These improved specs maybe a 6 GB RAM, huge internal storage or latest chipsets, however the focus shifts from one characteristic to another from time to time.

The focus is shifting towards higher system memory and battery power, for instance, Nokia P1 offering an over 3000 mAh battery and a 6 GB RAM. Huawei’s COO Lao Shi has stated in a recent interview that a memory of 4GB is more than enough to cater to users’ everyday tasks and the 6 GB variant of the RAM is nothing but an addition for psychological pleasure.

It is to be kept in mind that Huawei has itself offered the 6 GB variant of RAM in their smartphones such as the Huawei P10 Plus.

Shi further stated that with a 4 GB RAM not only can a user enjoy superior performance but it provides a benefit for the end user regarding the price. He explained that with RAMs exceeding 4 GB, the price of the product is bound to increase affecting the customer’s budget range and smartphone’s market.

While arguing about the ‘useless’ 6 GB RAMs Huawei’s Chief Operating Officer admitted to the fact the Chinese company has its smartphones offering 6 GB. On the other hand, such a statement from a company’s chief certainly indicates that Huawei has possibly decided to not exceed the 4 GB mark as far as the internal memory of their upcoming phones is concerned.

The phones which offer 6 GB RAM include Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro, OnePlus 3, Asus Zenfone 3 Deluxe, Lenovo ZUK Z2 Pro, Oppo R9s Plus. Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer, whose three phones were launched recently in Pakistan, also has its smartphones housing a 6 GB RAM. Huawei’s phone which use 6 GB RAM include the P10, P10 Plus and the Mate 9 Pro.

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