6 tips to increase battery timing of your smartphone

Tips to increase smartphone's battery life

The smartphone has become an essential tool of everyone’s life. It is very unlikely that we don’t see at least one person in a day who is texting or talking to someone on the smartphone. Although it is a very useful device that keeps you connected to your loved ones, but it has its own weaknesses. One of the notable drawbacks of smartphones is the requirement to recharge its battery after every few hours. One often has to be around a power outlet or charge smartphones via PC which has its own security vulnerability. Maybe you are a lucky one who owns a high-end smartphone that offers great battery timing, you may have been charging your smartphone after every few days, instead of hours.

The leading smartphone manufacturers have started launching their latest smartphones with the state-of-the-art fast-charging capability, thanks to the semiconductor companies like Qualcomm, which have introduced the technologies like QuickCharge to make the massive electric current pass to the device at the maximum possible speed. However, if you are one of those people who is always glued to his smartphone but is not satisfied by the battery timing, here are a few ways to increase the battery life of your phone.

Turn off the Wi-Fi, 3G/4G when not in use

We often forget to turn off the Wi-Fi of our phones after using the Internet. Sometimes, we just like to keep it active so that we can keep receiving the text messages on WhatsApp or other messaging apps. Keeping your phone’s Wi-Fi always active can drain the battery faster because your device continuously searches for the Wi-Fi signals. After you have done using the web, the best practice is to just turn the Wi-Fi off especially if you are in travel. Moreover, it is also good to use the basic 2G connection for your phone when you are not using the Internet.

Turn off the GPS

GPS (Global Positioning System) in your Android or iOS-based device keeps searching for the GPS satellites to locate your exact position on the map. Moreover, it also keeps sending this information to the servers of Google or any other app that requires location services to work properly. By turning this feature off, you can save the battery’s energy.

Don’t reboot your device

Turning your smartphone off just to turn it on again after a few seconds drains your phone’s battery because when you reboot your phone, it searches for the network signals again and requires a lot of energy for this purpose. Stop rebooting your smartphone to save the battery timing.

Turn off notifications

The notifications from the apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger sometimes annoy you a lot, furthermore, these messages eat up a massive amount of current from your phone’s battery. Because when you get a notification, your phone’s backlight turns on, and also it vibrates, and drain the battery. You can turn off the notifications individually for each app by going to the settings of the app.

Stop unwanted apps and games

Sometimes, Android devices keep running the unnecessary apps and games in the background even if you have stopped using them. The unwanted apps and games eat the battery of your smartphone. To check which of the apps are running in the background, go to Menu-> Settings-> Apps-> Running. Tap on the app that you had already closed but is still appearing in this section. After that hit the Stop button. Some of the apps like Google Play Service, Google framework etc. are necessary for your Android smartphone to work normally, you don’t need to stop such apps.

Keep display timing short

You can save the battery of your smartphone by keeping your screen timeout to as low as 15 seconds. The backlight of your phone’s display eats the power from your phone’s battery very fast. So it is better to keep the display timing as low as possible to save the battery timing.

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