Samsung has learned its lesson in battery safety after the whole debacle of phones blowing up that marked the end of Galaxy Note 7 and seems like Apple is on the same path, but maybe not that severe.

Ever since the launch of the new iPhone 8, at least seven cases have been reported where people have complained about their swollen smartphone battery.

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Given the millions of units of the device that have been sold or available in the market, this number seems a little small but it does make us wonder whether these are isolated events or symptom of a much bigger problem.

According to the early reports, some battery cells are swelling causing the mobile device to break apart. People took it to social media sites, mainly Twitter to show the evidence.

The first report of swollen iPhone 8 battery came from Taiwan whereas later phones with similar problems emerged in Japan, China, Canada, Greece and Hong Kong. Apple has launched an investigation and in its official statement revealed that it is looking into what might have caused the problem.