7 common battery myths that you should not believe

The smart tech industry is a booming one with smartphones and smartwatch sales predicted to rise exponentially every year. Users and companies alike are talking about smart assistants such as Bixby taking over our phones and foldable phones coming soon. Moreover, your iPhone could soon be able to dock inside the MacBook.

In this age of rapid technological advancements and giant digital leaps we still have some myths about our phone batteries and its usage.

Overnight Charging

Overnight Charging

There’s a myth that charging your phone for hours at a time ruins the battery. But that is false because your phone actually understands when its battery is full and stops charging.

Fully Drained Battery

Fully Drained Phone Battery

Some say you should let your phone drain to 0% and then charge it all the way back up to 100%. Old nickel-metal batteries benefitted from this ‘memory effect’ but it can actually mess with your phone’s battery life. Feel free to plug it in whenever you want.

Usage when Plugged

No one likes being electrocuted and with that in mind, some have suggested that it’s unsafe to use a phone if it’s plugged into the wall. Playing with your phone while it is plugged in is totally safe as long as you are not using a really substandard charger.

Every Charger is Same

Third Party Chargers

Chargers other than those provided with the handset are not the same and don’t work as well as the official ones. They can also be dangerous if they’re not constructed properly. If you must buy a third party charger, try trusted brands.

Keeping it On 24/7

Mobile On 24 hours

We all do it, bit it’s actually not great for your phone’s battery to keep the device on all the time. You don’t need to turn it off every day but try rebooting it at least once a week.

Location Services

Mobile location services

You might have heard people or blogs suggesting that constantly using location services can destroy your battery. That is not true, their overall impact on your device is pretty slim in reality, so go ahead and keep them enabled.

Quitting Apps

Quitting Apps

You should not swipe-quit the apps on your phones very often. When you reboot the apps, it actually consumes more power. Plus your phone actually learns how to balance power consumption when apps are open, and quitting out of everything can screw up the device’s algorithms.

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