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Going forward in life, a person requires both personal and professional growth and development as it makes him/her confident to accept the coming challenges. It also enables a person to set themselves free from a job where they don’t feel any growth and learning.

Job satisfaction and fulfillment are both qualitative terms which ensure a person’s well-being in and outside the workplace. Being a businessman and chairman of the Long WAK to Success WAKGROUP, Senator Waqar Ahmed Khan shares 7 simple tips that can help you grow professionally in Pakistan

Take on new challenges

Seize any new opportunity comes that your way. If you don’t face any new challenge, you can never be stronger. Though taking challenges may be risky and confusing sometimes but this is how professional companies survive. By being open to new tasks, you show confidence in your abilities that inspires others to consequently have confidence in you. It means you are moving forward by getting stronger and better.

Be Socially Active

Social media is not merely a source of entertainment anymore. But in fact, it is an information media now. In order to grow professionally, read informative articles and blogs from reliable sources especially related to your career prospect or area of interest. It will help you out to know more about the happenings around you. It will bring more ideas, creativeness and more opportunities for growth.

Invest in yourself

Having a degree from a reputed institution is not enough nowadays. With the changing scenario, it is necessary to upgrade your information with time instead of just being relied on what you have read in the syllabus. There are so many institutions in Pakistan offering various short courses or you can opt to learn from online classes. Start from the subject that is most applicable to your current objective then diversify your area of expertise by identifying other interests.

Surround yourself with like-minded people

It is a human requirement to meet new people and create a social circle. Without this practice survival of a person is impossible. Make friends that enrich you with the mind-boggling ideas. Spend time with the inspirational people who motivate you to grow.

Get a mentor

Find someone who inspires you and encourages you to achieve your dreams. This can be a book, a person or even inspirational YouTube videos. A person should always focus on learning new things. In most Pakistani families, children idealize their parents and teachers as they can be a guideline for them to pursue their dreams and grow professionally in their lives.

Don’t be a 9-5 person

It is advisable to not just be a robot and work eight hours in a firm. A monotonous routine makes life dull and boring. Make your life interesting by opting for something that makes you happy. It can be spending time with family, watching television or any sport you like as a healthy mind undoubtedly improves a person physically and socially.

Money is not everything

Though being financially strong matters a lot but making an effort to be richer is not a wise idea. Whatever you do, money should not be your aim. Work to learn. Time investment and learning are far more important than filling bank accounts.

Think selflessly!

Your growth should not just limit to your wellbeing. Growth is to do something that brings opportunities for others as well. Invest in a business that brings opportunities for a number of unemployed people near you. Do something for people of Pakistan. Work to boost the economy of Pakistan.

This article is authored by Anjum Mudassar.

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