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Apple has finally launched it’s latest innovation – iPhone 7. The annual September press event was held in San Francisco on Wednesday. After a bizarre Twitter mishap where Apple seemed to have accidentally leaked its own video of the iPhone 7, the new models were officially unveiled. CEO Tim Cook took the stage to introduce everything new with Apple — from new iPhones to new Apple Watches.

Here are the key takeaways from the mega event that we covered last night.

1. The iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus are officially unveiled:

The iPhone 7 has stereo speakers, is water and dust resistant and promises longer battery life. The redesigned home button is now a touch surface that relies on the haptic engine to make it feel as if you’ve pressed a moving button. While the body is similar to the 6s, there are now two different black models: a matte black model, and a shiny new “Jet Black” variant.

2. The iPhone 7 Plus features a dual camera system:

As rumored beforehand, the iPhone 7 Plus has two 12-megapixel cameras on the back. One lens is a 1X wide-angle lens; the other is a 2X zoom telephoto lens — allowing for true optical zoom. The dual-lens camera, along with the “Portrait” feature that will ship with the next update, will offer a DSLR-style depth of field. The new generation has optical image stabilization on both devices, RAW image capture, improved color gamut and a sensor to eliminate rolling shutter artifacts from flickering lights.

iPhone7_overview iPhone7

3. The longest battery life in iPhone history: 

The new A10 Fusion CPU now gives you at least two extra hours of battery life for an average day for the iPhone 7, compared to the iPhone 6s. While markedly faster, the iPhone 7’s A10 chip uses two-thirds of the power of the previous generation — reportedly 40% faster than the previous version. The iPhone 7 battery won’t be significantly bigger in its actual capacity, but its chips will consume significantly less power to run.

The iPhones will be available at the same price points, but upgrading storage capacity. The iPhone 7 starts at $649 and iPhone 7 Plus starts at $769. Pre-orders will start on Friday (Sept 9) and store availability begins on September 16.

4. The headphone jack is gone:

To accommodate it’s haptic engine, speakers, and dual-lens cameras, Apple has removed the 3.5mm headphone jack. This was a widely circulating rumor that turned true. Interestingly, when the speaker announced the removal of a headphone jack, there was dead silence in the audience, speaking volumes about the response. However, Apple will offer EarPods ( for extra $150) to connect via the Lightning port, and is also including a 3.5mm to Lightning adapter in the box.

5. Meet the AirPods and new Beats:

The new buds come with a built-in chip for audio processing and pairing and automatically pair with all of your iCloud-synced devices. The idea is to be able to seamlessly listen to music on all of your Apple devices using the AirPods. You can double tap to activate Siri, and they offer up to 5 hours of playback before needing to charge.

Courtesy: Apple Insider

6. Apple unveils the Apple Watch Series 2:

The new Apple Watch is quite similar to the first one. As we reported earlier, the newer one comes with GPS, Pokemon Go and newfound water resistance. There are now three options — aluminum, stainless steel and a gorgeous new white ceramic, which is four times as hard as stainless steel. Moreover, there is a limited edition Apple-Nike smartwatch that has been dubbed as a joint venture.

7. Pokémon Go is coming to the Apple Watch

Niantic CEO John Hanke introduced the new Pokémon Go Watch app, which will allow Pokémon trainers to see how far they’ve walked, how many calories they’ve burned, how close your Poké eggs are to hatching or when there are nearby Pokémon or Pokéstops.


8. Apple brings Super Mario to the iPhone:

In a huge get for Apple, Nintendo is bringing Super Mario to iOS by way of a new game called “Super Mario Run” coming this December.

9. If you don’t buy new one, get the update:

If you are not an early adopter, then it is OK since you can grab an update. Apple is bringing iOS 10 September 13, watchOS three on September 13 and macOS Sierra on September 20. Get ahead and grab the update


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