90% bloggers in Pakistan don’t know how to monetize

Sana Mela, the founder of Perspective.pk, a Technology Media Property, profiling Startup and Business Ecosystem of Pakistan, was at the e-rozgaar launch. Here’s what she said about the blogging scene in Pakistan while talking to MORE in an exclusive interview.

Sana said the blogging scene in Pakistan has a long way to go but there are some pointers people have to consider if entering the blogging market as entrepreneurs, content writers or bloggers. Mela said one has to first keep in mind the different social and cultural norms and define English and Urdu content reading or writing markets separately.

Secondly, you need to carefully differentiate between a lot of fields such as blogging, setting up a website and news reporting which have not been clearly defined in our region and are hence often misunderstood for one another.

In a session at the launch ceremony, Sana said blogging is very different from news reporting as new reporting is just a mere stating of facts while bloggers go through an experience and tell one, two or three major bullet points the reader should know.

Hence, whether you’re a pro-blogger or a young graduate you need to decide on what you want to do. She also pointed towards the limited nature of the blogging market in Pakistan due to different factors. The first and most crucial of the factors is the lack of expert writers and avid readers.

While there are experts in the field, they are scarce and the new-comers have a lot of promise and passion for writing but are fresh graduates who do not have sufficient experience to start writing professionally. Sana said we, the professionals with loads of experience, have to take up the responsibility to bridge the gap between experts and young professionals.

She said 90% of the people here do not how to monetize their skills. If you take a look at the global market everybody has an opinion just like us, but the difference is they write or share their opinions and a lot of people have blogs.

Answering a question about what the youth needs to consider foremost when entering the blogging field, Mela said fresh graduates aspiring to become successful bloggers have to answer some queries.

They need to check their future goals and preferences and see whether the career they are choosing aligns with their ambitions. They need to know what exactly they want to be and what skills do they specialize or want to specialize in. For instance, fashion bloggers need to have an excellent positioning in the fashion industry.

Sana said events such as the National Freelancing Convention and initiatives like e-rozgaar are a great platform; if we can produce ‘technology enabled’ people a lot of populace’s problems can be solved.

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