The digital storm has engulfed everyone whether young or old, in the last few years, and Pakistan is no exception. People are more worried about getting connected than eating food. The appetite of becoming digital is rising, and the number is growing exponentially.

According to various reports, by January 2017, there were around 35.1 million Internet users in Pakistan, out of which 31 million are active social media users. The mobile subscriptions have also been on the rise, and by last month they stood at 140.2 million. The access to social media has been elevated due to increasing in mobile phone usage as around 28 million people use mobile phones for accessing social media.

The online environment in Pakistan is changing rapidly, and the acceptance of digital inclusion and connected devices further benefits the new dynamic. Around 27% of the population generates web traffic using laptops whereas the rest of the 70% of web traffic in the country is from the mobile phone owners.

Currently, there are 31 million monthly active Facebook users in the country where 90% of the people access the social media platform using their mobile phones. Around 0.4 million people are active Snapchat users in Pakistan whereas Instagram has 3.9 million active users across the country.

The increased social media penetration is opening new doors towards development as the startup ecosystem is on the boost, allowing young and budding entrepreneurs a platform to introduce and promote their brand and ideas.