How to add more fingers to unlock your phone using Fingerprint scanner?

Fingerprint Scanner trick

In 2016, most of the new smartphones come with a Fingerprint scanner. This sensor is used to verify the identity of the smartphone owner. This modern method of verification is very secure than the traditional ones, i.e., pattern lock, face/voice detection, password, and PIN code.

Although the fingerprint scanner is very useful, sometimes it only annoys you because you have to place your finger many times on it so that it can verify you accurately. If you have a cheap smartphone with the fingerprint sensor, there is a chance that the sensor might not be very perfect.

Fingerprint scanner in your device can recognize more than one finger

Most of the smartphone users don’t know that the fingerprint scanner in their smartphones is capable of scanning more than one finger. If you register more than one finger in your smartphone, it will become a lot easier for the device to recognize you.

In the setup wizard of the fingerprint lock, most of the smartphones ask the users if they would like to register the other fingers, but most of the individuals tap the “Skip” button once they have registered one finger.

How to register more than one finger to unlock your device?

On a smartphone running on Android, you can add more than one finger for unlocking the device using the fingerprint scanner. To do this, go to Settings -> Security -> Fingerprint and then start the wizard to register the fingers.

On Apple devices, you can go to the Settings app -> Touch ID & Passcode -> Enter your pin or passcode -> Add a Fingerprint.

There are a lot of advantages for registering all the four fingers and a thumb. For example, if one of your fingers is wet, and the phone is unable to recognize it, you can easily use the other finger to unlock the device. Interestingly, you can even sign up with one of your friend’s finger if you share your device with him/her.

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