Whatsapp messages are not secure

Finally, WhatsApp Messenger will show ads to users, an idea that has been speculating for a long time. Facebook seems to have been working on methods of monetizing WhatsApp for months, which has also led to the departure of the co-founder of the app, Brian Acton, from Facebook.

Regarding the monetization efforts by Facebook with the messaging app, it seems that the ads will appear in the Status section.

WhatsApp Vice President Chris Daniels validated that the popular messaging app will be putting ads in the Snapchat-like Status section:

“We are going to be placing ads in ‘Status’. That is going to be the primary monetization model for the company as well as an opening for businesses to reach people on WhatsApp.”

It is worth noting that there is still no concrete information on when the advertisements in Whatsapp Status will start appearing. This feature could be a great opportunity for Facebook to monetize the app, and it could also be a variant of how Instagram adds advertisements to the user’s status.

In addition, it will serve as one of the most interesting sales channels for companies, which can show ads to their potential customers through the application.

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