Don’t be surprised if you see an astronaut instead of your favorite model like Fawad Khan in a TV commercial as NASA is planning something interesting.

Exploring space is more than a technological challenge. Obtaining the necessary funds to finance missions may end up being a greater challenge than shaping the equipment and devices necessary to undertake them, a reality that has led NASA to consider the possibility of partially financing through advertising.

Although there is nothing definitive yet, we are not talking about a rumor or something hypothetical, but about a real approach that Jim Bridenstine, an administrator of NASA, presented to his advisors during the formation of a new committee specialized in the search for advertisers that are interested in publicity of their brands and products through the well-known aerospace agency.

Among the different options that NASA could offer to the companies stand out two:

  • Display ads on rockets, probes and other instruments dedicated to space exploration
  • Use astronauts as celebrities to promote certain products on earth and in space

That last reference is undoubtedly one of the most interesting, since the idea of seeing a rocket loaded with brand logos may surprise, but the possibility that an astronaut can shoot an ad on the Moon or Mars is surprising.

Bridenstine has been clear, some brands and companies have openly expressed their interest in advertising at NASA, so it would be a matter of starting to negotiate openly to find meeting points and gradually close contracts.

With this in mind, it is clear that it is only a matter of time until we begin to see the most well-known astronauts participating in certain advertisements, which could include everything from services to general consumer products, for example, giving up their image to be used on tea boxes and shooting tea commercial in space.

Advertising would not generate enough revenue to cover the needs of NASA alone, but it could help to accelerate the development and completion times of certain projects like the company’s plan to build a Base station for colonizing the moon and launching space probes.