After Altaf Hussain’s hateful speech, BanMQM tops Twitter trend

Altaf Hussain hateful speech

Karachi is once again in the news and not for a good reason. Reports of hateful speech by Altaf Hussain and following events, particularly attack on the office of ARY and SAMAA News are surfacing not only over electronic but social media as well.

Presently, #BanMQM is one of the top trend on  Twitter and the second most popular trend is #PakistanZindabad. Both topics are not only trending in Pakistan but also on the international version of Twitter.

The MQM headquarters in Karachi has been sealed after party workers turned to violence following the controversial speech of Altaf Hussain.

People are strongly condemning the hate speech that was delivered by Altaf Hussain, who not only said derogatory words about the state but also incited workers to attack the media houses. Most of the users of Twitter are requesting the government to ban MQM.

Moreover, under the cybercrime law, the law enforcement agencies have started arresting the people who posted hateful messages against Pakistan Army and unpleasant comments on the website of MQM and Facebook.

According to Geo News, the London Metropolitan Police has said that an investigation over alleged hate speech by MQM chief Altaf Hussain was still underway.

It is not for the first time people are posting this kind of tweets on Twitter. We have seen in the past whenever any politician or prominent personality says something hateful against Pakistan, the topic becomes the top trend on Twitter.

However, as the government has now implemented the cybercrime law in Pakistan, we should remain careful before posting any kind of text or image on the web.

On the other hand, the Prime Minister Nawaz Sarif has also took notice of Altaf’s hateful speech.

“Pakistan is our home and we know how to protect its sanctity. We can neither hear any word against Pakistan nor we can forgive the one who speaks against Pakistan,” PM stated.


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