The 21st century as we know it has moved into a digital world rather than a physical one and the survival of any corporation or organization depends upon their digital footprint. Ali Raza, an Internet Entrepreneur, understood this secret to success a long time ago and has since worked towards dominating the digital space with Internet Marketing, Social Media, and Blogging.

Ali Raza started working online in 2004 while he was still in school. He describes that when he began his digital journey, there was no trend of earning money through the Internet. In 2007 he created his own web hosting company but suffered a great loss in 2009 due to an unfortunate hacking of their servers which also resulted in financial loss. Instead of losing faith he moved on towards his passion; providing digital marketing services to people.

After receiving the honor of Google Adwords Advertising Professional, Microsoft Bing Ads Accredited Advertising Professional and an Official Google Partner Status, in 2014 he decided to share his own experiences through blogging. Considering the inbound marketing strategy, where people come to you for your services and the future relevance of self-branding, he launched his blog to interact with the world.

Number One Advice For Blogging: “Don’t Give Up”

Ali Raza talking about blogging relayed the biggest problem in Pakistan in regards to the concept of earning money through a blog is that other people demotivate the blogger by asking questions like how much did you make last month or what did you actually do. He explained that such comments dishearten the blogger who gives up after a month or two. He said that when major tech companies like Twitter, WhatsApp, and Facebook started, they hardly had any developed monetization model, as they focused on building an audience for themselves. So the number one “don’t” of blogging is giving up.

Talking about the future of text blogging, Ali Raza stated that the stake of video content no doubt is on the rise and it will keep increasing in the next two or three years due to two reasons. First, we as human beings are lazy as we prefer to watch a video rather than reading a complete article or blog post. Secondly, people in Pakistan are not in the habit of reading books or blogs as the current culture don’t promote literature through libraries or any other educational activities.

Text and video content will continue to grow in future

He further added that the video has one drawback that the data and information that can be explained in a text can never get the same effect when it is converted into a video. He said that text and video content both have different markets, and the two will continue to grow in future, but he doesn’t see saturation among either of them in the near future.

Talking about the scope of blogging in Pakistan, Ali Raza conveyed that there aren’t many events in Pakistan for the freelancers and bloggers, but the truth is that with time this market is changing. He said that there are two attractive things about being a blogger; first is that starting a blog is like investing in the future as you’re slowly making yourself an asset.

He said that as the new dynamics of the digital world would kick in, then due to the investment of a blogger in building his own brand, he/she will gain a competitive advantage over those who will step into this world later on. Secondly, there are many ways a blogger can earn a living online. They can conduct webinars, seminars, write and publish a book, earn through ads on the website, etc.

New bloggers should forget income and focus on subscribers 

Ali Raza advice for the newbies who want to start their own blog is to focus on building an audience for themselves rather about what kind of money they can make. The second thing that new bloggers should keep in mind is consistency, as he explained that he was never an actual writer before he started his own blog but with time his writing was improved due to writing consistently.

Don’t blog on Free Domains

He also advised that the new blogger should invest in Independent domains instead of using free domains. He doesn’t think it’s worth spending time on any free domain as if one wants to earn money they have to spend some money as well. He believes that a person should aim for something big and in the end, the investment in the independent domain would not be a bad idea.

Doing SEO, what to do first?

For any business that is looking for an SEO expert that will be the right fit for the company, Ali Raza advises them to firstly understand that it’s all about the content. He said that the content should be made for the humans rather for SEO because, in the end, people are the one’s who will actually read it.

Even if the SEO ranking in the start will be higher of a content but if the viewers won’t like it, the ranking would fall eventually. So to see if the SEO expert is a good match for your business, cross-question the professional over his/her concern for the user experience of the website and content

Advantage of Digital Media Promotion

Comparing video marketing with the traditional one, Ali Raza explained the major difference between the two is that the digital media enables a two-way communication, unlike traditional media. If a person has an opinion, complaint or a suggestion regarding any corporation or service, they can get in touch with the company and convey their thoughts on different mediums. But in traditional media, a company only communicates their message rather than interacting with their customers. Thus, the digital media helps any company to understand what their customers want and are expecting from them.

In response to a question whether the audience has advertising blindness now i.e. they avoid online ads, Ali Raza explained that it’s the actual task of the advertisers to utilize such the mediums effectively. He said that digital media should play a role in connecting offline media with the online one and with the right strategy directed at the consumer, they would rather have the product at the top of their mind instead of avoiding the ad it altogether.

He described that the biggest advantage of using digital media is the data. You can see in real time what is the gender of their audience, their age group, location, how much time they spent on on your online ad, etc.


A constant struggle is a part of any entrepreneurial journey, and Ali Raza revealed that he also did experience the same fate especially in 2009 when the servers of their web hosting company were hacked.

Ali Raza said that whenever he looks back to see his past problems, he realizes how thankful he is about everything. He said that struggle and problems are a part of any venture, but the thing that always got him through such situations is staying positive and being stubborn for success. The secret to success, reveals Ali Raza is to keep on going.