CNIC re-verification campaign complaints

The Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan ordered the authorities to take immediate action against the owners of fake identity cards. He said there will be no compromise on the security of the country.

Regarding the unknown people in the family, NADRA received more than 13,000 complaints. Despite the fact that NADRA has not started sending the SMS messages to the people, the authority has received approximately 400,000 text messages from the public since the commencement of this campaign on 1st July. Out of these 400,000 SMSs, 13,000 were about the presence of irrelevant personalities in the record of the family.

As per investigations of NADRA, one-third of the aliens in the family trees are foreigners who got the Pakistani identity by illegal means. People can provide the details and the information about the immigrants on the helpline established by NADRA for this particular purpose.

By the details provided in the phone calls made on the helpline, more than 50 cases have been sent to the vigilance department of NADRA. The committee will further investigate these cases.

It is to be recalled that the process of re-identification of the national ID card is going on in the country. This process will be completed in the next six months. During the CNIC re-verification campaign, the citizens can send their ID card number to 8008 via SMS to get the details about the aliens in their family record.

Mr. Khan thanked and encouraged the public for participating in the CNIC re-verification campaign. He has primarily advised NADRA to make the campaign easier for the people so that the desired results can be achieved. For guiding the people about the re-identification of the ID cards, the advertising campaign on the major national newspapers is also active in the country.


  1. Sir i send messages to nadara and about 10 times i registerd my complaint that in our family one name is fake his name is gul mohammad which is not my brother but in record they came continiously.please help and remove the data of gull mohammad from our family
    Mian mujeeb ur no 0333918183


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