Allied Bank

Allied Bank one of the largest commercial banks in Pakistan thinks that its cards are not suitable for their own ATM machines.

As seen in the video, on one fine day we happen to run out of cash and went to look for the ATM by Allied Bank to save ourselves the small service charge that would’ve been deducted by any other bank’s ATM.

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Upon inserting the ATM card, the Allied Bank informed us that they don’t find the card suitable for use which is in fact mind boggling.

Pakistan is embracing a new wave of mobile banking in the country but at the same time is struggling to provide a better service when it comes to traditional banking

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The problem must be due to a bug or glitch in the ATM which has rendered it useless when it comes to identifying which card is right and which isn’t.

Following the failed attempt to withdraw our cash, we opted for the second option which included going to any nearby ATM which gladly accepted our card and save us from embarrassing no money moment.

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Previously, we have seen that one of the ATMs of Allied Bank started giving away Rs. 500 extra to the users on every transaction, granted that they were withdrawing Rs. 500 from it.

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