AlterEgo Headset

Have we reached a place in technology when robots can read our minds? Well, sort of as a new headset developed by MIT named AlterEgo can read the words that you only say in your mind.

AlterEgo headset allows the user to interact with the device without saying anything out loud. All a person has to do it is strap the gadget to his/her face and talk to them by saying things in their head “what time is it” and the headset will read the signals that the brain will send to the mouth and jaw and will answer the question.

Looking at the video above, maybe it is time to get excited about a possible future where we can control the TV with our mind.

According to MIT, the AlterEgo headset communicates with the user via bone conduction headphones which avoid the person’s ear canal by transmitting the sound variations through their face bones.

The headset will be able to talk to you when you’re talking to someone else; who knows maybe one-day humans can run internet searches to find any information with their brain while they are in conversation with someone else.

AlterEgo showed an accurate transcription rate of 92 percent during the trials involving 15 people. Arnav Kapur, the lead researcher, describes the headset as an “intelligence-augmentation device.”

He described, “Our idea was: Could we have a computing platform that’s more internal, that melds human and machine in some ways and that feels like an internal extension of our own cognition?”

You can read their complete paper by clicking here.

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