Amazon faces criticism on Halloween burqa costume

Amazon faces criticism selling burqa

Amazon received huge criticism for selling a burqa costume for this Halloween. The product on show had a lebel of “ladies sexy Saudi burqa Islamic costume” and it raged fury among different communities of U.K, as the company offered their product to them for upcoming Halloween.

After finding the costume on Amazon’s UK webiste, the online viewers termed the product as racist and disgusting becuase it mocked a religion and a regional culture. Very aggressive reaction in the form of harsh criticism from different communities made the Amazon to take off this product from their website.

Most of the customers saw the product offesnive as it was mocking Arab culture and Islamic religion. They were of opinion that Halloween is all about making fun, so, offering Halloween party dresses, designed while manipulating in the dress code of a culture and religion, means to mock that specific religion or culture.

The costume that called for customer’s rage was basically a modification of conservative Arab swimwear where nothing was visible except eyes. Viewers of the costume showed their outrage in different forms, like one said, “You’re all disgusting racists. My culture is not your costume”. Another user questioned this act as ,Is this some sort of mockery to the religion?”

Another such skimpy dress with long sleeves and covered face is still available on webiste. The online seller removed the female version of costume but male version of the costume is still there.  After, removal of this costume, Amazon also issued the guidlines for sellers and also warned them about severe actions, such as banning their products, if they continued to sell such products again.

There is no doubt that on the eve of Halloween, if anything gets more attention than it is the costumes. Often sellers design costumes that become center of heated debates. Prior to this, selling of Israili soldier’s uniform for kids by Wal Mart had also spurred unrest amongst certain communities.

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