Amir Liaquat

Dr. Amir Liaquat, member of national assembly from PTI leaves the party’s WhatsApp group due to his differences with the leadership. He sent a voice message in the group before quitting. Prior to this, he had already raising voice against party policy on Twitter.

Liaquat said in an interview with Samaa Tv that he told Imran Khan that he needs to focus on Karachi’s party structure but Imran Khan never listened to him. He also criticized the party over the selection of president and governors while asserting that no fruit will come from PM’s money-saving campaign.

“Imran Ismail summoned a meeting of MNAs in the governor house and I was not invited,” he added sarcastically that, “The governor said he didn’t have my phone number.”

Liaquat claimed that he was not being accepted within the party and he is considered an outsider. “I will not accept any ministry even if I am offered one,” he added.

However, he said that he will not leave the party and continue to work for the PTI in Karachi. “I will share my personal decision before September 4 whether I will sit on government benches or opposition benches,” the PTI leader said.

Amir Liaquat now and then comes into controversies and it looks like the same thing he has transferred into the PTI as the party is facing criticism over helicopter usage by PM Imran Khan, CM Buzdar and DPO Rizwan Gondal controversy over Khawar Maneka issue, Imran Ali Shah, MPA, slapping a passerby on road.

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