Android 8.0 to be more interactive than the iOS

Android OS
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The Google I/O event is still a couple of months away but much like last year, Google released its upcoming Android OS preview a couple months ago. The first developer version of was released on March 21 on devices like Google Pixel, Pixel X/L, Pixel C, Nexus 6, Nexus 5X and Nexus Player.

Listed below are some the changes and features in the upcoming OS:


  • The Nougat successor will soon be called Android 8.0 soon as the name is just for referring purposes by the media.
  • The second developer preview is set to be released in May while the public version will be available in Quarter 3, possibly late August or September.


  • The notification shade takes more space while date and time take less screen space.
  • There is a tiny icon for each notification which pops up revealing the full notification when accessed.
  • A long press on the notifications lets you disable future notifications from that app
  • A little swipe to the side will enable the user to snooze notifications for a time they could specify.
  • Notification channels let you split a single app’s notifications into segments. For instance, you could allow the direct reply notifications from Twitter but disable alerts for likes and retweets

Quick Settings

  • The developer version of the new Android OS reveals different colored quick settings for each phone.
  • Some quick setting features such as WiFi, Cellular, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb are underlined. Clicking on the icon lets you toggle each setting on and off and a click beneath opens a mini settings menu.

App Badges

  • A little number bubble appears on each app showing the number of unread notifications.
  • You can able/disable app badges for each app in settings.


  • The Settings menu has a new color scheme.
  • The settings menu has been refreshed with a much concise menu.
  • Each section contains more sub-sections clearing the clutter in the settings menu
  • Night-light makes a comeback in the latest Android, which was a shortlived setting in both Android M and N.

Navigation Bar

  • Navigation bar lets you align the display on your large screen device with options such as normal, compact, left lining or right lining.

Lock Screen

  • Options for voice assist and camera at the bottom left and right corners of the screen can now be changed.
  • The ambient display gets a makeover.

Picture in Picture

  • Android TV PIP mode comes to smartphones.
  • Just like in the YouTube app, PIP lets you minimize a video which runs in the bottom corner while you can continue using the phone.


  • Android O promises High-Def audio thanks to Sony’s LDAC codec.


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