New Android App Family Link lets parents control children’s activity

Android App
Image Source: Digital Trends

Users can do almost everything on an Android or iOS smartphone these days with VR, smartwatches and 4K screens become more famous as time passes. Access to a smartphone is a good thing if used productively but often can be worrying thing for parents who want to provide children with smartphones but also desire to keep a check on them.

Google’s new app for Android, Family Link, is doing just that. It lets parents make an account for their children’s smartphone while they can check from time to time for how long they used an app.

The app can work on devices running Android 7.0 or higher; parents needs to download the app on their phone and make an account for their kid. Then they need to sign up the child’s account with the email just created. After doing that not only can parents keep a check on apps used but can also prevent children from using certain apps by blacklisting them.

Additional key options include a report of which apps children used the most in a week and the app lets you set time limits specifying a time for the usage of a certain app. Moreover, if you want your kid to focus on his studies for a day or two you can even lock their device for some time.

Google has said that the app is targeted towards children under the age of 13 who cannot make their own Google accounts and you will need to start with a fresh device for this app to work.

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