Android Oreo

Thinking about updating your phone’s OS to Android Oreo, well, hold on a minute as we have just found out that a new bug in the software can eat up your mobile data even when the phone is on Wi-Fi.

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Software and bugs are two things that go hand in hand but you know they are really bad when they slip through the cracks during testing and trials. Several users are complaining that their device is eating up their mobile data even when they are connected to a stable Wi-Fi connection.

Usually, with Wi-Fi enabled, it takes precedent over mobile data which is only used when the Wi-Fi connection is gone or is not working. Apparently, Google is aware of this issue and is working towards a solution, reported a Reddit user.

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This incident takes us back to one of the biggest blunders of iOS 9 whose Wi-Fi assist feature sucked the mobile data dry of many of its users. Though luckily after receiving tons of backlash, the company disabled it by default.

Unfortunately, you cannot turn off this feature in Android Oreo as the user needs to go into the developer mode and toggle the “mobile data always active” feature off. Afterwards, the user will even also lose the ability to switch between the most reliable authorized Wi-Fi network.

So if you have Android Oreo and are using a stable Wi-Fi connection, turn off your mobile data until Google comes up with a fix.

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