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Google may soon end the plague of telemarketing for good with the release fo its upcoming Android P. In the newest build of the Android’s new version, users have discovered the mention of Enhanced Call Blocking, something that will stop the telemarketers to disturb our peaceful times.

According to XDA Developers, thanks to a SONY engineer, some new commits have surfaced on ASOP that mentioned that Android P users will be able to block calls from

  • Unknown numbers
  • Private numbers (Number is not disclosed by the caller)
  • Payphones
  • Any number that is not listed in user’s contacts list
  • Number that doesn’t has a Caller ID
Android p Call Blocking
Source XDA Developers

Now some of you might think that how is this different from the present call blocking feature on our smartphone? Well, currently the user has to manually put in the phone number to blacklist or block it from calling so the number must be in their contact list or they have already received a call from that number.

In Android P, the user can restrict who is allowed to call them for example if you don’t want to take calls from anyone who is not on your contact list, the new OS got you covered. Though there are quite a few apps on the Play Store that can help you do the same, their job is accessing your contact list and storing it on their servers which doesn’t make it a logical or safe choice.

The new Android P will also safeguard your smartphone against apps who want to access your phone’s camera and microphone without autherization. The activity on the AOSP has been slowed down which indicates that the developer’s preview for the app can soon be released.

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