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This year Google is focused on making our digital lives calmer and organized through Android P. While the name of Android version 9.0 still remains a mystery, we got to see a bunch of cool and exciting features.

Even though most phones don’t have Oreo yet, Google has released the third beta version of Android P that anyone with a compatible device can install. It’s available on Google’s own Pixel devices, and partnered devices from Essential, Nokia, Oppo, Sony, Vivo, and Xiamoi, and we’re already digging into it to highlight main features and changes.

Privacy a Priority

Google has packed Android P with security and privacy improvements; updated security protocols, encrypted backups, protected confirmations and more. Android P will allow users to encrypt their backups using the device’s PIN, pattern, or password before the backups are uploaded on Google Drive or other cloud services.

Intelligent Brightness

Adaptive Brightness in Android P uses AI, learns how you like to set the brightness based on your surroundings, and automatically updates it to conserve energy.

Improved Battery Life

The battery drain has become one of the most prevalent problems for mobile users. To improve battery life, Google has partnered with DeepMind to build Adaptive Battery, which prioritizes battery power for the apps and services you use most.

The smartphone is now smarter

Android P has also introduced Slices feature that will make your smartphone even smarter by showing parts of apps right when you need them most. Say, for example, you search for “uber” in Google Search on your phone and Google will show you the price and time for a trip to work, and you can quickly order the ride. The feature will change the way you interact with the apps.

Swift tasks performance

Another feature, App Actions will help you get to your next task quickly by predicting what action you’ll take next. So if you connect your headphones to your device, Android will suggest an action to resume your favorite Patari playlist.

Android Shush

Android P adds a new “do not disturb” mode in the device known as Shush. Place your phone on a flat surface with the screen down. The only exception will be the notifications and calls from the contacts you specified before. This feature will aid the office workers as they will not need to go into settings to toggle anything.

App Actions

App Actions aim to expect the next thing you may do on your smartphone. Actions such as beginning a workout or giving your spouse a call will appear in notification bubbles on top of the screen as suggestions for what activity it thinks you will do next. It uses machine learning techniques to predict your actions according to your usage habits. For example, if you go jogging at 7:30 am each day, your phone will suggest that you use an installed fitness app during that time.

Android P Slices

Slices offer a smaller version of an installed app when you do a Google Search, providing you with various app functions without activating the full app. For example, if you type “I want to book a flight” in the search bar, Search will display a basic version of an installed travel app. If you type “Skardu” in the search bar, Google Search will dig through your Google Photos for related images.

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