Google’s new Android P has some interesting features. With its special focus on security measures for your phone and personal data, it is the most secure Android version out there as of now.

The latest Android Pie has also introduced a “Lockdown mode”, an emergency mode that instantly disables fingerprint scanner, face unlock and Android smart lock, so your device is only accessible by the pattern or a pin you have already set. It also suppresses notifications from emerging on the lock screen.

This feature is specifically helpful in conditions where someone wants to place your fingers on the scanner to unlock your phone either forcefully or unknowingly.

How To Enable Lockdown Mode?

Android P requires the user to explicitly enable the mode first from settings. Here’s how you can enable and use this mode on your Android smartphone.

  • Activate the “Lockdown” option by navigating to Settings > Security > Lock screen preferences.
  • Once activated, press and hold the power key.
  • A menu will appear with a list of further actions. Here you will find the “Lockdown” option alongside Power off, Restart, and Screenshot buttons.
  • Tap to enable

Android Pie Lockdown feature

Although very useful, this process only enables the “Lockdown mode” one time. once you unlock the device, you have to enable it again for further usage.

Android P has been evolving with every iteration and recently we have seen some marvelous features like the Digital wellbeing and the connectivity features, but this feature somehow doesn’t impress in spite of being very useful.

The complexity in enabling the feature and the fact that it can only be used for one time before enabling it again raises questions on its usefulness. We do hope that Google makes it easy to enable this wonderful feature whenever needed.