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Most of the phones of 2018 have released with Android Oreo out of the box and it’s high time that Google launches its next iteration, Android P. The developer preview of Android P has already seen the light of the day along with the third beta version. Rumors suggest that the stable version may arrive on August 20.

The leak comes from the renowned tipster, Evan Blass who posted a picture of a calendar on Twitter with a capital P marked on 20th August. Although the leaker was not expressive about what was going to happen on 20th, we believe that it marks the launch of Android P.

However, there might be other possibilities for the marked date. No matter what it may be, we’ll soon find out.

Android P Tweet

What’s So Exciting About Android P?

The latest iteration of the OS  comes with a plethora of changes. From security to customization, it covers all the corners of your device to give you a seamless and smooth experience.

Here are a few features to get excited about

1- Improved Privacy

Android P will come packed with security and privacy improvements. Updated security protocols will allow users to encrypt their backups using the device’s PIN, pattern, or password before the backups are uploaded on Google Drive or other cloud services.

2- Notification Management

The new version will come with improved notification area where the user will be able to see the whole conversation in the notification panel along with the graphical content in the chat. A smart reply feature will also assist in replying right from the notification area.

3- Battery Information With Always on Display

With Android P, the Always on Display will show the battery percentage at the bottom of the screen which will make it easier for the user to check out how much power is left in their beloved smartphones.

4- All-New Animations

Google has integrated newer animations in Android P when opening or closing the apps or transitioning between the activities.

5- Intelligent Brightness

Adaptive Brightness in Android P uses AI, learns how do you like to set the brightness based on your surroundings, and automatically updates it to conserve energy.

6- Other Notable features

There are a lot of other worth mentioning features in the latest version of Android like the enhanced Bluetooth implications. With the latest version, you will be able to keep the telemarketers and spammers at bay and will enable you to block such calls in a more sophisticated way.

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