Android P will turn your smartphone into bluetooth mouse or keyboard

Google has a few tricks up its sleeve this year and with the near launch of Android P Developer Preview, the anticipation about what’s new in the OS is keeping the Android users on its toes.

Android P will likely introduce a new feature that can turn any smartphone using the new OS into a Bluetooth mouse or a keyboard, according to XDA developers.

Huawei and Samsung can turn their smartphones into a full PC when docked but with Android P, the devices can be used with any PC as a mouse or a keyboard. A feature that will end the hassle of keeping a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard with us at all times.

Reportedly, Android P will support Bluetooth HID (Human Interface Device) profile and though we have been hearing about its arrival for quite some time, the new evidence suggests that this time it will actually make the cut.

If the feature will be unveiled in the Developer Preview, the developers will be able to incorporate this feature into their applications.

Google is expected to release Android P Developer Preview 1 on Pi Day next week.

The tech giant also plans to introduce a new feature to block unknown numbers and telemarketers from calling your phone and will also stop different apps from hijacking your smartphone’s camera and microphone.

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