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Many Android phones this year are copying the infamous notch on Apple’s 10th -anniversary smartphone, iPhone X but it won’t matter too much as the Android users are not thinking about switching to iOS anytime soon.

According to a new report by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), Android users are more loyal to their platform as compared to those who use iOS smartphones.

CIRP graph showing loyalty of Android users
Graph by CIRP showing loyalty of iOS and Android users

The research firm has concluded that the brand loyalty has remained steady since early 2016 and has now reached the highest level yet.

From January 2016 to December 2017, the loyalty of Android Users ranged from 89% to 91% while for iOS the loyalty rose from 85% to 88% in the same time period. Android didn’t always enjoy the top spot in user loyalty but the game changed in 2014 as the mobile phone operating system become a fan favorite.

As of today, the loyalty of Android users stand at 91% while for iOS users, this figure stands at 86%

It is no secret that Android has more users across the globe as compared to the iOS as the latter is only found in Apple smartphones while Google’s OS is present in a large range of devices but Apple has always taken pride in the loyalty of their users so maybe they need to freshen up their tactics.

Why is Android More Popular?

According to CIRP, the increased loyalty of Android users can be due to the following reasons:

Wide Range of Smartphones

With Android, the users have the option to choose a smartphone from a very wide range of portfolio. All the major brands, for instance, Huawei, Nokia, Vivo, Xiaomi etc. use Google’s operating system so the user can switch between different brands without losing its identity as an Android user.

The best thing about being an Android user is that they do not have to relearn how to use their smartphone after making a switch to another brand (unless that brand is Apple). Though different companies use their own UI on top of Android, the basic functionality remains the same.

Users Don’t Want to Leave their OS

Choosing your smartphone’s operating system is more or less a commitment as a user has to invest time as well as money to learn how it works, get used to its functionality and the mobile apps working on the device.

So if an Android user suddenly choose to buy an iPhone, they won’t just be paying for the device, they’ll have to put in extra time in relearning how to use a smartphone, get accustomed to its way of life and make it a part of his or her life, which will take quite a lot of effort.

Now, like most research studies, this one also has its limitations as is based on quarterly surveys of US consumers with a sample of 500 subjects in each. The research also notes: “We know Android has a larger base of users than iOS, and because of that larger base, the absolute number of users that switch to iOS from Android is as large or larger than the absolute number of users that switch to Android from iOS.”

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