After the disastrous fate of Galaxy Note 7, it seems that Samsung cannot catch a break as another smartphone by the company has gone up in smoke. Last Friday, the passengers on the Jet Airways flight traveling from Delhi to Indore witnessed a scary event where Samsung Galaxy J7 caught fire mid-flight.

Galaxy J7 was among three smartphones that were present in a purse of Arpita Dhal, a passenger on the flight. She noticed the smoke coming out the device fifteen minutes after the flight took off and asked the crew for help.

Arpita’s husband revealed to Hindustan Times that the fire extinguishers on board did not work. As a precaution, all three smartphones were placed in a tray of water for the rest of the journey and fortunately, there were no casualties.

Samsung India spokesperson said, “We are in touch with relevant authorities for more information. At Samsung, customer safety is a top priority.” In the meantime, Jet Airways has confiscated the device for investigation.

Earlier this year, another Galaxy J7 smartphone made quite a scandal when it exploded in the hands of a four-year-old in Pakistan. The second incident raises a question whether these were isolated events or a symptom of a greater problem in the Galaxy J series.

Samsung has already been through a rough patch when its flagship Galaxy Note 7 started exploding last year which led to a massive recall of the device and the company eventually suspended the production of its Galaxy Note 7.

The company revealed later on that the batteries were to be blamed for the device’s tendency to burst up in flames. Since then Samsung has introduced a rigorous eight-point battery safety check to prevent future phones from catching fire.

It is not yet official whether the batteries were at fault this time again or not but one thing is sure that the company needs to go an extra mile to make sure such problems do not rise again.