App drawer will not be featured in next version of Android

App-Drawer feature in Android

An app drawer is a menu on an Android smartphone that lists all your apps. It can be accessed by tapping the circle icon. According to some sources, the upcoming version of the popular operating system will not feature this menu.

Famous smartphone manufacturers including Samsung and LG have already stopped this feature in their newer Android devices.

Most of the Android users are protesting on Twitter because they simply love the app drawer. It all started when Google posted a video on the official Twitter account of Google Maps, yesterday. The phone in the video was without the app drawer feature, which made the users upset. The video features a Nexus 6P home screen that doesn’t contain an app drawer.

Android smartphones come with the app drawer feature since the very first day, and some sources say that it’s just a rumor that Google will remove this function.

Upcoming Android’s layout will look very much similar to the iOS interface. Apple smartphones don’t feature this option. Instead, all of the apps are displayed on the home screen.

Twitter user Mcdonsco requested Google not to terminate this function; he posted, “Please Google, don’t ditch the app drawer! That’s what I hate most about iOS, endless app icons across the home screens!”. Another user Duke69111 posted,  “Android getting rid of the app drawer is a horrible idea in my opinion.”

There are some app launchers available on the Play Store including one from Nokia. In case, Google removed its official one. The launchers available on the Play Store are customizable and more user-friendly than the default one. So there is a chance a large number of Android users will start using third-party app drawers sooner or later.

The next version of Android is Android N and there are very less valid information available about it.

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