Is Apple helping the governments to spy on its users?

Apple has now become a spy agent!

Apple has always ensured their user’s reliability by maintaining the privacy and security settings like encryption introduced in 2016. According to some discrete reports, Apple has shockingly joined hands with governments, especially UK government, for working as a spy agent for them.

It is reported that company will use its technical approaches on suspicious users for getting a certain amount of information and referring the secret information to the intelligence agencies. Woah!

Recently, CEO of Apple, Tim Cook said that the company assisted UK govt. about the terrorist threats that hit the country in the last month. He did not mention the context of involvement but helping in catching threat follow-ups that hint that Apple is a secret spy.

A civilian who were about to join OneLove Manchester Benefit Concert, arranged in the memory for those killed in the blast during the Ariane Grande concert, points out that his business cards, cars, and other stuff were checked as the police noticed a quirky written message on his Notes app making strict security responses. The man said that he is now sure about the security of London.

How does it happen?

It can be possible that iPhone-wielding journalist gathers up all the notes of a suspected user and move them easily to the iCloud for a rapid recovery on MacBook or any other system.Siri can be a spy agent as well because it reads your WhatsApp messages, so beware! It is a process of minutes which can grasp a suspect by the collar. As now we can see, Apple is the new mass level spy!

This is a shocking revelation as Apple always criticizes what is wrong and misleading like the Wikileaks data dump or commenting against Trump. In an interview with Bloomberg, Cook while talking about Apple’s involvement with the intelligence agencies, he said;

“We have been cooperating with the U.K. government not only in law enforcement kind of matters but on some of the attacks. I cannot speak on detail on that. But in cases when we have information, and they have gone through the lawful process we don’t just give it, but we do it very promptly.”

Is your privacy at stake?

It is not like Apple is not taking care of your privacy concerns but it is just about the safety of their customers detecting the evils in the society roaming just like regular civilians. Their system detects suspicious material only and thus your privacy will be all sound and safe!

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