Apple iPhone 8 to feature a Galaxy S8 like screen

Apple iPhone 8

So far we’ve heard a lot of rumors about the release of the iPhone 8 but none of them have been confirmed by Apple. One day we learn that Apple will release 3 phones and another day reports suggest we might not get a phone this year. The latest news to come out of the rumor mill is that the iPhone 8 will not feature an edge to edge display.

According to reports coming out of the JP Morgan HQ, the iPhone 8 will have an edge to edge display but only horizontally. It will not take up the entire screen as suggested by news earlier, which would have been a fitting reply to Samsung Galaxy S8’s infinite display.

Earlier news suggested that the new iPhone will have 4mm bezels and the Touch ID will be embedded into the display. According to images released by JP Morgan, the iPhone 8 could look like this.

iPhone 8 JP Morgan

Although there have been a lot of news regarding the hyped release of Apple’s next flagship, it is also important to note that Apple always experiments a lot before arriving at a final prototype. JP Morgan further suggests that Apple will be shipping free AirPods with every iPhone 8 but this seems far fetched as Apple is already just fulfilling the demands of consumers who are happy to shell out a huge amount of money for the AirPods.

Apple iPhone will most probably feature 3D cameras which would be used for facial recognition and augmented reality. New iPhones are launched in September but Apple could delay the launch to October, November or until 2018, as reported earlier. Regardless of when this phone launches, it is expected to be the biggest launch an iPhone has ever seen because of many new additions and Apple’s tenth anniversary.

Image Source: BGR

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