Apple iPhone 8 to feature the most powerful graphic chip ever

iPhone 8

Apple phones have a habit of creating rumors and habits, intentionally or unintentionally, before the release of their flagship phones. With the iPhone 8 nearing its release date the intensity of such news is accelerating and we know some of these might just turn out to be fabricated ones but then again there are good sources to rely on; such as Tim Cook himself.

So far we have got a great idea about the general build of the phone but now there is news of an all glass front display in the making with a very little frame to hold it in. The buttons are told be disappearing as well however this is confusing because it is still unclear if it’s just about the home button or the volume buttons will also expire.

Apple has already decided on the future of the headphone jack so that won’t be a hindrance in all glass structure.

Apple has just celebrated its 10 year anniversary and the iPhone 8 is supposed to be a phone celebrating the event hence it goes without saying that the engineers back home at Apple Campus are working tirelessly.

Everybody is excited about the appearance of the iPhone but what’s inside the sleek body will obviously count since there will be no shortage of beautiful phones in the near future. It has been reported that Apple is working on a new graphic chip bound to increase the overall graphic experience and will support Apple’s plans for VR/AR future. The chip will also help in making the dual camera results better which is being anticipated to be a part of the iPhone 8 after its inclusion in the iPhone 7 Plus.

Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S8 is also planning on a similar no-bezel screen; we will have to wait and see until fall as to how Apple is going to compete with its major competitors.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has made it pretty clear that his organization considers Augmented Reality a critical art of its plans. “I’m excited about Augmented Reality because unlike Virtual Reality which closes the world out, AR allows individuals to be present in the world.” Tim Cook said.

Although we have not heard about the definite inclusion of AR in the iPhone 8, such statements do point in the direction of a possible secret project in the works.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and other phones releasing in the second quarter of 2017 will be ramping up their performance by the inclusion of the latest Snapdragon 835 and iPhone 8 is going to be powered by an innovative A11 chip. Dominating smartphone companies have their work cut out because the competition is going to be fierce with Nokia also entering the market once again.

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