iPhone WiFi Charging

In the future, charging your phone could be as seamless as connecting to a Wi-Fi signal. Apple was just granted a patent for a snazzy new charging system that would free you forever from wires, external packs and charging platforms. A power bank can give you smartphone an extra life too but sometimes it becomes tricky to choose the right one for your device.

The new charging system described in Apple’s patent relies on the same frequencies we use to transfer data to give our phones a constant source of power. You could walk into a room and automatically start charging your iPhone at the same time you connect to Wi-Fi.

A Wi-Fi wireless charging system may sound far-fetched but it’s actually here today. A research team at the University¬†of Washington successfully tested the charging method in 2015, and a team of Disney Research demoed similar tech earlier this year.

Although the rumors about the upcoming iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus, and iPhone 8 suggest that the next Apple device will probably have wireless charging, but it won’t be as advanced as this patent. You’ll most likely have to rest the device on something like a pad. Wi-Fi wireless charging is still a couple years off.

Image Source: Tech Stunt


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