Apple launches a repair program for iPhone 6 Plus “touch disease”

iPhone 6 Plus touch disease

For at least a month, the users of Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus were complaining about a “touch disease” on their smartphones. The problem was with the responsiveness of the touchscreen, and it makes a flickering grey line appear on the top of the screen. The users were complaining that the problem is caused after the phone is dropped multiple times.

Now, Apple has finally responded to these complaints and announced a repair program for iPhone 6 Plus. The company has said that it will fix the device for the cost of $149 only. Moreover, this repair program will be available for five years after the sale date.

On its website, Apple writes, “If your iPhone 6 Plus is exhibiting the symptoms noted above, is in working order, and the screen is not cracked or broken, Apple will repair your device for a service price of $149.”

Although it is not known how many iPhone 6 Plus units are afflicted with this problem, the analysts are saying that this issue is found in almost all the units. Apple says that the people who have already paid for the repair are eligible for the reimbursement equal o the difference between the original service repair cost and the new price.

Not only the owners of the iPhone 6 Plus are complaining about the problems, but the users of iPhone 7 are also facing some issues. In one of the cases, an iPhone 7 Plus exploded after being dropped on the floor.

Last month, a Reddit user posted an image of an exploded iPhone 7 Plus and claimed that the device was exploded while on its way from the company. Soon, the images went viral on the social media.

Another iPhone 7 was exploded while its owner was making a video, the smartphone hurt the face of the owner. In another case, an interior of a vehicle was severely burned when an iPhone 7 caught fire.

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