Apple OS 10.3 lets you free up GBs of iPhone storage instantly

Apple Update

Apple has finally released the new iOS 10.3 after seven beta releases. Android O or Android 8.0 is also expected to release this year with one developer-only beta version out yet The new iOS version brings great new features but be sure to back up your device before upgrading as Apple’s file system has been changed in the new OS.

New File System

Storage space increases dramatically after the iOS 10.3 update

Apple’s biggest change in the new iOS is the least noticeable. Apple has changed from the old HFS+ to APFS which has a new way of compressing storage files freeing up storage space on your device instantly. The HFS+ had been in use since the 1980s.

Apple ID Profile


There’s a new section in the Settings app where you can find all information related to your iOS devices such as the Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes and your App Store settings. You can also check for the all the devices linked to your Apple ID which is a welcome feature.

In-App Reviews

Apple wants developers to have more feedback for their apps and has since enabled users to write reviews without leaving the app. Previously, users were directed to the App Store if they clicked the ‘Write a Review’ button. The new update means developers will now see more reviews and ratings.

App Icons

The developers had to release an all new version of an app if they wanted to change an app icon. They can now update app icons instantly without having to release another version.

Hourly Weather Forecast

The Maps app will now provide a more detailed weather update if you just use the 3D Touch on the weather icon in the right bottom corner of your screen. Users will be able to see the weather forecast for the next six hours of that particular location.

Find My AirPods

The iOS 10.3 has integrated new settings in the Find my iPhone sections making sure you never lose your wireless AirPods again. The option lets you locate the exact location your missing pod when paired.

Podcast Widget


You can now add the Podcasts widget to your control center which looks pretty similar to the music app but displays the podcast art instead of the album art of course.

Other Features

The new iOS brings changes to the Siri and Safari as well with Siri, not even close to Samsung’s Bixby though, now updating you of all the cricketing action and Safari carrying vital visual changes.

There is also an iCloud storage breakdown option as you can now see how much of iCloud space do photos, documents and other items take up.

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