Withings accessories

It seems like the business battle between Apple and Nokia is heating up. Recently, Nokia filed a case against Apple, blaming the iPhone maker of violating Nokia patents. In response, Apple has removed all Withings-branded products from its online store. Withings is owned by Nokia and that is why Apple has denied selling the products of this company on its online store. Moreover, it is also believed that Apple has removed these accessories from its retail stores all around the world.

For those who don’t know, Withings is an electronics company, which makes Wi-Fi scales and smart health accessories. Apple had the Withings-branded accessories featured on its online store, but now, the company has removed them. If you search on Google and find Withings accessories on the Apple store, the click on the link would take you to an error page.

According to Nokia, the Cupertino-based company has declined to authorize around 32 of its patents. Apple has responded to the lawsuit against itself by suing Nokia. It says that it was all set to pay Nokia if it charged sensibly for those patent certificates. According to Apple, the Finnish company is charging unreasonably for its patents.

Although people can still purchase Withings-branded accessories from the other online stores, the users of Apple’s online store are criticizing this company for removing those products. Apple has not done this for the first time. Two years ago, it removed the products of an audio equipment company from its online store after that company filed a case against Apple for the violation of patents.

If you want to purchase a Withings smart health device, search it on somewhere else as Apple has removed it. Let’s see how far the business battle between the Nokia and Apple goes. Recently, it was reported that Nokia will come back in 2017 with some new smartphones. It is rumored that new devices from Nokia will use Google’s Android operating system which has the largest market share among smartphone users instead of again using Microsoft’s Windows OS.

In 2017, Nokia is expected to unveil a new handset to meet the needs of emerging mobile market in Pakistan. Nokia 150 will come with a battery capable of supporting 22 hours of conversation.

Furthermore, Nokia is also working on some new smartwatches. These watches will come with a number of features like Swipe Interface, App Interface, Step counter, phone finder, music, and Facebook.


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