Apple iPhone X is far stronger and more complex to be taken down by rivals in anytime soon. It will take leading competitors, of course, Samsung and Google, 2 and half years before they could come up with their stable version of face scanning which Apple is doing through its TrueDepth Camera technology.

In fact, Apple is telling the world a new way of using a smartphone that has no home button either.

At KGI Securities an Apple analysts Ming-Chi Kou states that a detail demonstration from Apple makes us believe that rivals will need to spend more time on R&D for perfecting the technology.

Although, officials at Samsung tease Apple lovers for introducing face recognition much earlier than US tech giant could do with iPhone X but the reality doesn’t impress anyone.

Samsung launched half cooked facial recognition in its S8 and S8+ which is less reliable than companies’ fingerprint authentication. The 2D facial recognition is less dependable and easy to be fooled with. Even a picture of the user can unlock the phone.

Even a Samsung official mentioned at the time of S8 launch that it might take company almost 4 years to perfect the technology that could actually scan the face in 3D and come par with finger scanning.

Kou revises his estimates of shipments of iPhone X in 2017 and brings it slightly down from 40 million to 30 to 35 million units.

iphone x truedepth camera
iPhone X’s TrueDepth module. Image: macrumors

The dot projector component illuminates the user’s face with 30,000 infrared dots for making a true 3D image is practically a complex mechanism and perhaps the reason behind the slowing down of iPhone X production. Estimates tell that iPhone lover will need to wait for more till 2018 before they get hold of their dream phone.

Apple says its Face ID is as quick and reliable as the fingerprint scanning and users won’t feel a lag between the two. Analysts believe that the TrueDepth camera will give Apple a considerable lead over the competitors in 2018 and 2019 even.