Apple, Samsung, Microsoft react to WikiLeaks data dump, Android stays silent

Wikileaks Apple

In a recent data release, WikiLeaks published 8761 documents on Tuesday night. The leaked documents claimed that data on smartphones from companies such as Samsung and the iPhone is vulnerable due to certain security loopholes.

Apple released a statement today replying, back to the allegations made towards its OS and the fourteen security loopholes identified by WikiLeaks. Apple has claimed that the vulnerable points have been fixed in its latest iOS update.

WikiLeaks had claimed that the documents it published had been acquired from the Central Intelligence Agency’s Center for Cyber Intelligence. It stated that these unsecured points are used to take control of user communications and exploit or store their data for future use.

Apple has said that its engineers work around the clock to make sure that iOS users are using a safe operating system. Apple also urged its users to use the latest iOS to get the most recent security updates.

It is being reported that companies other than Apple, such as Samsung and Microsoft have also attempted to clear the confusion while Android remains silent over allegations of several insecure points in its system. WikiLeaks had reported that the CIA uses several gadgets including Samsung’s Smart TV’s under their surveillance program.

The New York Times has reported that the chairman of House Intelligence Committee of America and other CIA officials are extremely concerned about the leaks and considering investigating the matter. Germany has also raised concerns over the recent leaks terming them very seriously because “these type of issues emerge…again and again”, a German government spokesperson stated.

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