Apple India

After India’s push to cancel much of its currency earlier this month, Apple has sold more than 100,000 iPhones in the country in just three days. The development comes amid other smartphone companies are feeling the pain of the demonetization on their incomes.

Counterpoint Research says that the market will shrink by 10 percent in the quarter between October and December. Though Apple is also expected to lose some of its customers who are now hesitating to buy an iPhone, the sudden interest for iPhones in many has likely covered that loss.

Apple will probably appreciate the increase in the sales in India, one of the biggest markets regarding the sales of iPhones. At its fourth-quarter earnings, Apple said that it expects a lot from India, adding that the sales of iPhone increased in the country by more than 50 percent during the most recent year.

Just recently, we reported that Apple sold more than 2000 legal iPhone 7 In just 23 days in Pakistan. The iPhones that are sold in the country are not always from the verified sources. According to a source in the market, 80% of iPhones sold in Pakistan are smuggled into the country.

In October, Xiaomi announced that it sold 500,000 smartphones in India in just three days. It set a new record by selling more than half a million of phones in three days.


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